Rachel Somerset is an award-winning professional violinist  who specialises in providing outstanding and high standard live music performances for corporate and private events, weddings, dinner parties, serenades, and many other special occasions.


Rachel is an avid performer of extraordinary music, and is regularly engaged to perform in London and the rest of the UK, Europe, and South America. Her live and eclectic electric/acoustic violin performances bring a touch of excellence to any great event, as well as being a fantastic alternative to a string quartet. ​


Rachel is a British Brazilian violinist and multi instrumentalist,  who started her music training at the tender age of 4.

Her first instrument was the piano. She was taught privately and soon started playing in front of family members and small audiences.

At the age of 6 Rachel composed her first melody for the piano and started ballet and drama training. 


At the age of 7, already a confident pianist, she developed her passion for the violin. Her classical violin training involved weekly lessons with various masters of the violin.


At the age of 12 she was playing the violin for events and weddings, and giving concerts yearly.


In later years, Rachel started to study the Irish Fiddle and was absorbed in Celtic Music, as well as Classical Music. She also started her Celtic Harp studies.


Rachel has wowed audiences all over the world, including the UK, France, Spain, and South America. Her songs are inspired by Classical, New Age, and Celtic Music.


Her life, from a very young age, has been filled with music, and together with her dance and drama training, Rachel became a very confident, talented, and natural performer. Having been instructed by leading world class violin masters, and a lifetime of dedication, Rachel is recognised for her extremely high standard as a musician with exceptional talent, creating such high demand for her services that Rachel has, to date, played at over 850 weddings and hundreds of other prestigious events in the past 15 years.


Add A Unique Note To Your Event

Meet your guests at their arrival with sounds that will set the perfect tone for your event. As an experienced and accomplished violinist, Rachel Somerset can provide tailored professional violin performances for any sort of event, large or small.  Whatever the style of music you might need, Rachel Somerset can assist and make your musical dreams come true. 

Rachel Somerset - The Wedding Violinist


A distinctive sound for your unforgettable day.


A unique & exciting performance with an elegant touch.

Rachel Somerset
Rachel Somerset the Bollywood Violinist


An experience to savour and cherish forever.


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Fight Song - Violin Performed by Rachel Somerset

Rachel Somerset - Award Winning Violinist

The Winner of the London's Best Ceremony Act Award

Presented by The Entertainment Awards 2019


"A huge thank you to you. You were amazing. Your timing and your performance made my wedding perfect. My family and friends absolutely adored you. I can't express how amazing you made my wedding. I would definitely recommend you to everyone. Thank you once again! 
Maryam & Awaab, Plaisterers Hall - London, August 2017

I just wanted to say a massive Thank You for your amazing service on Wednesday. You made our ceremony very special, gorgeous and unforgettable! Everyone absolutely loved your music and you looked fantastic, so thank you very much again. You did a brilliant job!
Nika & Michael Foskett, Northbrook Park, August 2017