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Rachel Somerset the Wedding Violinist


A Musical Experience

Having performed at more than 1000 weddings in the last 20 years, Rachel Somerset has become one the most sought-after Wedding Violinists in the UK.


Whether you are looking for Rachel to perform at your Civil Wedding, Religious Wedding Ceremony, Civil Partnership, Drinks Reception or Wedding Breakfast, you can have your favourite songs performed by a world class violinist.

Rachel Somerset


A Distinctive Sound

Each wedding package is tailored to suit individual requirements. The songs can be selected from the Repertoire Page, or if your special song is not on the list you can discuss your choice with Rachel and with adequate notice any song can be learned and arranged for your special event.
If you are unsure of what songs to select, Rachel will discuss your plans with you and suggest some wonderful pieces to match both your personality and your guests'.

Rachel Somerset


Professional Sounds

The format of a Religious Ceremony, Civil Wedding or Civil Partnership are very similar in terms of music selection:


  • The Prelude: A selection of light and mellow classical pieces is performed to receive the guests into your venue.


  • The Processional: A song is performed for the Main Bridal Entrance.


  • Signing of the Register: Up to three songs are performed whilst the Bride & Groom sign the legal documents and have some pictures taken.


  • The Recessional: A wonderful piece, normally a lively choice, is performed while the couple and their family and friends walk out of the venue.

Rachel Somerset


Everything is taken care of

Whether you are planning a small and more intimate event or a high-impact centre stage performance, Rachel will provide a superb performance which will keep all your guests entertained.

Born to Play


Rachel Somerset, The Wedding Violinist, can also be booked to perform during the Drinks Reception, and/or during the Wedding Breakfast:


  • Drinks Reception: A selection of romantic songs is performed on the violin to entertain all the guests while the newlyweds have their pictures taken.


  • Wedding Breakfast: A wonderful selection of classical, pop, romantic and contemporary music is perfomed during the formal sit down meal.

Rachel Somerset - Award Winning Violinist

The Winner of the London's Best Ceremony Act Award

Presented by The Entertainment Awards 2019

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